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Module 1: Basic Controls and Management

M1 Lesson 1: How to setup your FL-UX

Setup the app language, video quality, and other basic controls of the app

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M1 Lesson 2: How to Upload Videos

Upload your first video to FL-UX to use for your analysis

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M1 Lesson 3: Video Playback Controls​

Learn how to change the speed, skip, and rewind video

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M1 Lesson 4: How to Make Video Clips​

Learn different ways you can make video clips

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Module 2: Tagging

M2 Lesson 1: How to Create Tags

Aprenda a crear tu propio etiquetas para hacer análisis de video

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M2 Lesson 2: Custom Tagging Boards

Customize your tagging board that’s tailored to your specific needs

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M2 Lesson 3: Adjust the Layout of FL-UX​

Learn how to analyze using multiple screens and how to adjust video and tagging board layout

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M2 Lesson 4: How to Use Real-Time Tagging

Learn how to use one of three methods to do live analysis in FL-UX called real-time tagging

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M2 Lesson 5: How to sync real-time tags with video

Learn how to sync real-time tags you made while analyzing in live with video 

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Module 3: Sketching

M3 Lesson 1: How to Sketch​

See how you can add sketches to your video clips

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M3 Lesson 2: Sketching Tools Explained

See how you can use different sketching tools in FL-UX

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Module 4: Playlist

M4 Lesson 1: How to Create Playlists​

See two ways you can create a playlist

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M4 Lesson 2: How to Export Video Clips

Learn two ways you can export video clips from FL-UX to share with others

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