FL-UX Management

Create an Account / Subscribe

Step 1. Click on the menu

Go to the account sign-up page from the link below. If you already have an account with us, please move on to Step 2.

Europe: https://eu.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/user-site/index.html#/ 

America: https://us.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/user-site/index.html#/ 

*If you are mainly in Europe, Africa, or Western Asia, please click on the Europe link

*If you are mainly in North America, South America, or Central America, please click on the America link

Step 2. Login to FL-UX Management

Go to the following site to log into FL-UX Management, where you can manage your FL-UX account billable information.

Europe: https://eu.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/billing/index.html#/login 

America: https://us.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/billing/index.html#/login

Step 3. Select a plan

After you sign in, you’ll be shown three monthly plans to choose from. Select a plan and scroll down to click on purchase the selected plan

ATTENTION: If you are interested in purchasing a yearly plan instead, please contact the sales team

Step 4. Fill out payment form

Please fill out the form with your billing information to complete the purchase

Step 5. Login and start using FL-UX!

Either go to the web app, or mobile apps to start using FL-UX. 

Web App

Europe: https://eu.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/fl/index.html#/login 

America: https://us.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/fl/index.html#/login 

Choose / Change Plan

Step 1. Go to change plan page

From the navigation on the left-hand side, go to change plan

Step 2. Select / Change plan

Select a plan by clicking on the graphic

The current plan will be highlighted in gray

The newly selected plan will be highlighted in orange

Purchase Addon

Step 1. Go to current usage page

From the navigation on the left-hand side, go to current usage

Video Addon

You can see how many hours of video space is remaining for uploading and exporting this month for your plan

To purchase additional video upload space, click on purchase more under the uploaded video time tab

To purchase additional video export hours, click on purchase more under the export time tab

Specify how many hours to purchase and click the purchase

Analyst / Viewer Addon

To add analyst users or viewer users, invite them to your account from FL-UX. Your bill will automatically be updated based on how many users are on your account. 

Delete Account

Step 1. Go to delete account

From the navigation on the left-hand side, got to delete account

Step 2. Type your password

Type in your password and continue to delete your account

Once the account is deleted, all information will be lost and you will not be able to log back to your FL-UX account

Confirmation Message

You will see a message saying your account has been deleted