There is no feature that allows you to download the entire video footage uploaded to FL-UX. We recommend keeping a backup file outside of the FL-UX software.

Users with either the Advance or the Ultimate plan will be able to download playlists with sketches and text-overlays on them. 

To learn more about exporting, see this page

Yes! You can bend straight lines to make it into an arc. 

First draw using line, arrow, or movement tool. Then select the drawing and click and drag the dot to bend the line. For explanation with pictures, see this page

Downloading in FL-UX only works on a tablet. The purpose of downloading a playlist is to view and make edits within the app without having access to the internet.

Exporting option allows you to produce an MP4 file of the playlist created in FL-UX so that you can share it with others using a different platform or keep a backup file.

There is no limit to the video size you can upload. However, if the upload is taking longer than 3 hours, FL-UX stops. It is best to upload large video files in a fast internet speed.

There is no limit to how many different types of tags you can make in FL-UX. You can make unlimited numbers of tags!

  1. Enter the full screen mode
  2. Press on the “s” key on your keyboard (this will pop up the tagging window)
  3. Adjust the locations of your windows on your screens

It may be possible that you have used all of your allowed export hours for the month. Please login to the FL-UX Management site to check how if you have reached the limit already from the link below. If you have exceeded the monthly export limit, you can purchase additional hours from FL-UX Management.

Americas: https://us.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/billing/index.html#/login

Europe: https://eu.cdn.fl-ux.com/app/billing/index.html#/login