Create Playlist

Step 1. Select scenes

Click on “+” at the top left corner of each scene to select

Click on create a playlist from the selection and a new list

Refine search, Select all, Deselect all

At the bottom left, you will see an option to refine search, select all, or deselect all

Click on refine search to only show the list of currently selected scenes

Step 2. Name the list

Name the playlist and add labels if need be 

Click on create

Step 3. Playlist page

Click on the middle icon at the top of the page to view the playlists

Step 4. Select playlist to watch

Select the playlist from this page to watch

Add to Playlist

Step 1. Select scenes

Click on “+” at the top left corner of each scene to select

Click on create playlist from selection and add to list

Step 2. Select playlist

Select the playlist to add the scenes

Edit Playlist Info

Step 1. Select playlist

Click on “…” on the playlist and select edit playlist

Step 2. Edit playlist info

You can change the display name and add/remove labels

Step 3. Add labels

Type or select existing labels from this window to add labels to the playlist

These labels can be used to search through playlists later on

Click on complete to finish

Edit Playlist

Step 1. Select a playlist

Click on the playlist to view what is inside

Step 2. Select edit

Click on the edit button that is on the bottom left corner of the page

Step 3. Rearrange video clip

Either us the arrow or the drop-down menu by the number to move the position of the clip within the playlist

Insert Title

From the previous step, click on insert title

Type your text in the text area and set the display duration, font size, and font color from the drop-down menu on the left. It is also possible to insert an image instead of just texts.

Click on save

Playback Mode

You can toggle between auto play and loop

Auto – plays video clips in consecutive order

Loop – plays the same video clip in loop

Share Playlist

Step 1. Create folders

Click on new folder from the bottom left of the page

Step 2. New folder

Name the folder and click on create

Step 3. Move playlist to folder

Click on  “…” and select move playlist

Step 4. Select Folder

Select the folder to move the playlist from this window and click on complete

Step 5. Share folder

Click on the share icon at the far right of the folder

Step 6. Select people to share

Select the people to share this folder either by channels, players, or staff

Click on complete to share the folder. By sharing a playlist this way, you can keep certain lists private from some users. It is ideal to reach a small portion of your team.

If you want to share the playlist with everyone, just keep it in the all-playlist folder, which is the default folder.

Export Video Clips / Playlist

Step 1. Create a playlist

In FL-UX, all exports of video clips are handled at the playlist level.

First, create a playlist

Step 2. Export

Click on  export at the bottom right

Please keep in mind that all video clips in the list will be exported. 

To only export a portion of the clips, create a new playlist that only contains the video clips to export

Step 3. Export settings

You have a few export settings to choose from at this stage

Export scenes as a single file (if not, each video clip will be exported as an individual file)

Show titles

Show sketches

Show event tags

Step 4. Go to playlist export page

Select the second from the right icon to go to the playlist export page

You can see the export status from this page

Step 5. Download file

Wait for the files to be processed

Click on DL as mp4 when the button becomes clickable