Filtering / Data


Filter by category

Click on circle dots with colors to only display scenes made with that category tag

The selected category will have a yellow bar underneath the dot

Category View

Click on the button with vertical bars that is next to TIME

With this view, you can see how many scenes are made under each category


Filtering / Data

Go over to the TAG tab from the left

In this tab, you can filter your scenes in depth to show specific moments of the match


On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the list of event tags and their quantity

When you select one of the event tags, it will expand to show you the option tag break down

In this example, there  were 28 scenes with an event tag “cross”, 2 of them with an “off-target” option tag, and 18 of them with an “saved/cleared” option tag


Instead of filtering by event tags and option tags, you can filter by player tags

Under each player’s name, their involved scenes will be broken down by event type


It is also possible to filter by scenes made by each analyst/user

Under each analyst username, scenes made by this user are broken down by event types

Filtering Tools

Sequence View

At default, most of the screen will be shown with the sequence view

Each dot represents tagged scenes. Rows represent event or option tags. Time increases horizontally to the right

This view is used to find the flow of the game. It serves as the visual representation of what type of event happened in each time segment of the game

To play each scene,  click on the dot of the sequence view at the bottom, NOT at the main section

Play Video View

You can switch to video view instead of the sequence view from the top right of where the sequence or video is shown 

Data Filter

To filter scenes more in-depth, select data from the bottom left of the screen

Filter results will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Each row is a scene that is clickable to play

Data Filter Types

To filter down by field location, highlight a segment of the field by clicking. Each yellow dot represents a scene

To filter by time, select a time range that is segmented into 15-minute intervals

To filter by a player, highlight the player by clicking

To filter by option, highlight the option by clicking


The input tab on the bottom left allows you to edit the scene from the same page

You can modify tags and sketches the same way  as editing a regular scene

Step 1. Apply Filters

To search your entire account across all your videos, a scene search is useful

Click on the search bar at the top and apply search conditions like a player, event tag, and time period, and click search

Step 2. View Result

FL-UX will search through your account to find specified scenes in one list

TIP: This is a very easy way of creating playlists. Instead of manually searching for video clips, let the software search it for you, and create the playlist from the results.

Export Tagging Data

Step 1. Export

Click on “…” on the match or practice and select EXPORT

Step 2. Download

Click on DL to download the tagging data as a csv file