Create Text

Step 1. Create a scene

Create a scene or edit an existing scene

Step 1.2 Text tab

Make sure TEXT is selected

Step 2. Type the text

Click on create text sets and type your words to be displayed

Step 3. Style the text display

You can click and drag the text box to adjust the position and use the styling tools to change the text color, text style, text size, and background color

Text color / style

You can adjust the text color and style from this section

Text size

You can adjust the text size from the bottom of the text box

Background color

You can change the color of the background and the opacity. The toggle button turns off the background color

Step 4. Adjust display duration and timing

The yellow bounded rectangle is when the texts will be shown when the video clip plays

Drag the edges to adjust when to start showing the texts and when to end

Step 5. Save

Similar to creating a sketch, click on the green check to save it to the video clip

When SLOW is selected, the video will play in slow-motion while the texts are displayed

Edit / Add / Delete Text

Step 1. Select the text

Select the video clip and click on edit, then play the clip until the text shows

Use the SELECT tool to click on the text

TIP: the white rectangle is the placement of the text display

Step 2. Edit text

Edit the text from the text area or change text style and background

Step 2.2 Add text

You can create multiple text boxes to show on the video

Simply click on ADD that’s on the bottom right of the text field

To adjust the duration, make sure the text is selected on the screen. Then you can drag the edges of the yellow rectangle to adjust

TIP: selected text will have white dots

Step 2.3 Delete text

While the text is selected, you can use the DELETE button to delete