Chat on Scenes

Step 1. Select scene

Select a scene to add your comment

When selected, the scene card will have a yellow border

Step 2. Enter your comment

Write your message and click send

Edit / Delete comments

Click on “…” and select edit or delete to modify your message

You can only perform this action on your own comments

Create Channels

Step 1. Create channels

From the home page, navigate to the left side of the screen

Click on “…” by channels and select add new channel

Step 2. Channel settings

Name the new channel and select a thumbnail image for this channel

Then click on select from list to choose who will be part of this channel

Click on create at the bottom

Edit Channels

When you expand on channel, you’ll see all of the channels you are a part of

To edit channels, such as editing name, changing thumbnail, adding users, etc. click on “…” then channel information

It will take you to Step 2 for you to make changes

Direct Channel

Step 1. Create direct channel

Instead of making channels with multiple participants, you can choose to make a direct channel with one other user

Click on “…” then choose who to message

Step 2. Choose a user

Choose a user from the pop-up list

You can either filter by players or staff

Or you can search by name

Direct Channel

When you select a direct channel from the left, only the videos common to both users will display on the right hand side of the screen