User Manual

All you need to know about uploading videos to your account

Learn how you can message each other in FL-UX

Create playlists to keep key moments from different matches in one place

Tag you video clips to generate data for further analysis

Learn how to display texts while a video clip is playing

For laptop users, learn built-in keys and how to customize your own

Create your own tags specific to your analysis needs

Learn how to filter your scenes with specific conditions

Invite and manage users who have access to your account

Rearrange your tagging workspace

Manage match, practice, player, team, and other master data for your account

Learn how to create guest links so that people who does not have a FL-UX account can view content you produced in FL-UX

Generate Guest Link

Configure your billing information and current subscription

Learn how to install and use offline analysis solution

Install Offline FL-UX

How to use the app

Sync with cloud environment