Guest Access

Generate Guest Link

Step 1. Edit Video Information

Click on the “…” of one of the videos that has been uploaded to your account and open video information

Step 2. Turn on Guest Link

Click on the button next to publish to guests to turn on the guest link

Click on register to save the change and exit video information

Step 3. Copy Guest Link

Click on copy link to show the guest link

Below the guest link, you can see when the link expires

Access Videos Using Guest Link

Step 1. Enter the URL to Browser

Paste the guest link to a browser. If possible, use Google Chrome for better results.

Click ok to access the video as a guest

Step 2. View video and video clips

Guest users can view all content available in public channels including tagging data and sketch.

However, a guest user cannot edit, delete, or create video clips. Guest users can only view the content that’s set to public sharing

How to set a channel to be public

From the channel information, click on publish to guests to make a channel public.

Only content included in a channel that has publish to guests turned on will be available for guest users to view